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Great Britain: old map prints, fine replica pictures to download or use in the field with GPS

With the Treaty of Union ratified in 1707 the sovereign kingdom of Great Britain came into existence. It united the kingdoms of Scotland and England encompassing the whole of Great Britain and excluding the kingdom of Ireland. Vintage maps of the United Kingdom collected here display the state during the age of its maximum acres in Europe. Great Britain is basically an island in the North Atlantic northern west coast of Continental Europe, the largest one in Europe and the ninth largest in the world. Most of Scotland, Wales and England along with their capitals are on the island itself. The island is separated from the mainland by the English Channel at the Straits of Dover and by the North Sea. The island of Great Britain is separated from the island of Ireland by the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, the North Channel and the St. George’s Channel. Great Britain has an approximate area of 209,300 square kilometers. The topography is characterized by lowlands in the south and east and hilly mountains in the north and the west. Great Britain is known for its great history, architecture, expansion and environment. It experiences a temperate climate with great variation throughout as a result of altitude, location and distance from the coast

Aberdeen city map, 1906
4.01 x 6.17 inch, 102 x 157 mm
Bath city map, 1906
6.16 x 4.31 inch, 157 x 110 mm
Bird´s-eye view to Edinburgh of 1647, 1908
13.39 x 5.14 inch, 341 x 131 mm
Birmingham city map, 1906
5.97 x 8.18 inch, 152 x 208 mm
Birmingham, central part map, 1906
8.11 x 6.13 inch, 206 x 156 mm
Bradford city map, 1906
4.07 x 3.33 inch, 104 x 85 mm
Brighton city map, 1906
8.13 x 5.95 inch, 207 x 152 mm
Bristol city map, 1906
8.12 x 5.98 inch, 207 x 152 mm
British Isles Map, 1905
17.35 x 22.32 inch, 441 x 567 mm
Cambridge city map, 1906
8.22 x 6.05 inch, 209 x 154 mm
Canterbury city map, 1906
5.93 x 4.02 inch, 151 x 103 mm
Carlisle city map, 1906
4.13 x 5.99 inch, 105 x 153 mm
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