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Munich (München) in Germany: Historical Vintage Map Prints and Pictures

This section contains a selection of vintage old replica maps of Munich (München) in the state of Bavaria of Germany. The city is the capital of the state and the third largest city of the country with an area total of more than 300 km2. Historical city of Munich is situated on the Isar River north of the Alps and in between the Bavarian Alps and Danube River close to the Austrian border. The city is on the elevated plains of northern Bavaria and two local rivers namely Isar and Wurm flows through it as a lifeline of the city. The northern part of Munich is a fertile sandy plateau while the southern part of it is full of moraine hills. Oceanic climate is experienced in the city with warm summers and cool winters. The city was heavily bombed during the World War II that led to drastic losses to its housing and caused multiple after-war changes to the street pattern, that can be noticeably witnessed from historical maps of Munich.

München (Munich) city centre map, 1913
10.28 x 6.13 inch, 262 x 156 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1899
21.51 x 18.98 inch, 547 x 483 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1906
13.27 x 12.95 inch, 338 x 329 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1909
11.3 x 11.42 inch, 287 x 291 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1910
25.24 x 20.38 inch, 642 x 518 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1910
25.24 x 20.38 inch, 642 x 518 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1912
20.55 x 15.35 inch, 522 x 390 mm
München (Munich) city map, 1928
17.32 x 23.52 inch, 440 x 598 mm
München (Munich) city map, early 1920s
17.72 x 13.51 inch, 451 x 344 mm
München (Munich) tram network diagram, 1910
7.9 x 7.2 inch, 201 x 183 mm
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