This is a random selection of historical maps available at the online collection, featuring digitally restored vintage image reproductions available as fine prints, including archival paper or exclusive framed polycotton canvas for map gifts, or picture downloads to your desktop for studies or graphic art, or mobile for navigation along the streets of not so far past. Click to any map preview below to get more information on it. Use the left alphabetic geographic catalog panel (based on modern political map), contextual search, interactive map search or special catalog tools, including search by a cartographer or search within boundaries of empires of the past to find a desired old map.

Grenoble environs map, 1913
5.96 x 5.91 inch
Nantes city map, 1909
8.16 x 5.99 inch
Malta general map, 1912
3.87 x 3.06 inch
Pisa city map, 1913
8.08 x 6.16 inch
Ithaca isle map, 1908
4.25 x 6.06 inch
Detmold environs map, 1887
3.73 x 2.75 inch
Pisa city map, 1898
8.01 x 6.38 inch
Halle city map, 1887
5.93 x 8.04 inch