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About This Website. General Information
What is the project about?
Welcome to Discusmedia.com, a historic map site offering royalty-free stock cartographic imagery, vintage map prints and old map copies for use in modern mobile devices. Discusmedia.com is owned and operated by Discus Media Group – DMG, Ltd. (Trade Register No. CZ25789244), a privately held company founded in 1999 with residence of the Czech Republic with the mission of providing design, advertising and marketing professionals with great options for creativity, as well as gaining the modern history experts and fanciers access to an ever-growing selection of unique plans and maps addressing their practical needs for studies, visual solutions or nostalgic travel.

This is our fourth web site. It had been launched with totally different engine and layout in March 2015 and thus it's counter uses an own order numbering system. The first site dating back to 2003 did not contain any e-commerce tools, but the second and third sites (2005-2015) had successfully served many hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

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What is inside this collection?
The 1900 Historic Antique Map Collection by Discus Media Cartographers is a digital map library containing hundreds of cartographic images, which date back mainly to the periods of 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s and shortly after the World War I, drawn by different cartographers. You will find here maps featuring the British Empire, Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian and Ottoman empires. The collection focuses much on cities and towns; one will find here, for example, Berlin street plans and maps, Hamburg and Altona maps, Helsinki city maps, Lausanne street plans, Lisbon city maps, detailed maps of London, plans of Zurich, Lyon, maps, plans and diagrams of Moscow, Munich city maps, Paris street maps, Rome maps and plans, Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) city street maps, excellent collection of maps of Prague and many others, offering the best possible contemporary driving instructions of the past epoch. Historic maps of some non-European destinations are represented too. This is both a historic town plan site and country map site, recording the evolution of urban and regional infrastructures, political and administrative subdivisions of the countries that exist nowadays with or almost without outer borders changes and of those crashed into oblivion. The collection can be used to study genealogy, mankind history and family history. The site offers high resolution map reproductions for download.

The historical antique maps files are all scans from originals kept in our collection. Please note that as usually the source originals are not perfect, showing different amounts of soiling or stains, traces of former folding, etc. We cleaned up the most major faults, but there can be other smaller faults visible in downloads or prints, being a part of their character. Those proficient with an image editor will surely be able to clean up the images further if needed.
What are the options to get maps you have here?

There are at present three options to get maps:

  • as Raster Images for download for further personal or corporate usage by means of go-as-you-please computer equipment. By selecting this you get a nice, highly qualitative and valuable picture and feel further free to process it yourself in multiple ways except very few those, which are listed here as restricted;
  • as Built-in Purchases for Avenza PDF Maps app (available for Android and Apple mobile devices – please get this free app prior to starting downloading your desired map!). By selecting this option you get a navigable GPS-enabled map digital copy that can be used within an unlimited amount of various mobile devices linked to your iTunes or Google Play account. Make a real journey through a modern city, guided by an accurately geo-referenced map of the yesteryear;
  • as paper or polycotton canvas Prints of various sizes, fitting to page, enlarged or scaled down. Read more about the Prints delivery

Some of our printed stock is permanently available to buy
at eBay (follow this link), although we offer much wider selection of items and options and lower prices if you purchase directly from us. If you however prefer eBay as the seller site, but do not find a required map there, - please contact us with such request and we will list that very item to there for you within a pair of working days.

What file formats do you use and offer?
All images are saved as JPEG RGB files in different sizes, derived form an original *.tiff files resulting from a scanner to keep the file sizes moderate without loosing image quality. Generally they are of 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution, which is fully adequate for offset press printing. All the images are supplied as .JPG files with zero compression. When using JPEG images, no image degradation is noticeable after one compression/decompression cycle. However, further compression(s) to and from the JPEG format will degrade the image quality to an extent that eventually will become visible. To retain maximum quality in images, avoid resaving an image in JPEG format, use uncompressed formats such as for example *.tiff or a safe compression format like *.tiff with LZW.
What maps can be purchased as downloadable items, how large are the files?
Every map of the collection can be purchased as an Image for download. Variety of those available as Built-in purchases for PDF Maps navigation app does not cover all the collection yet, but their amount constantly grows. Map images sizes may widely vary in bytes and pixels from small to quite huge due to original extent of the sources for scanning. We always list the available resolutions and exact dimensions of the image, including its pixel dimensions on screen and size on disk to estimate download parameters. Dots per inch (DPI), also referred to as pixels per inch, resolution is unique for all images at this collection and equals to 300 in the original resolution.

However, there is almost no difference how large is a file if you buy it as Built-in purchase for PDF Maps. Most modern mobile devices can hold and operate pretty huge ones, and important is that there is no need to keep all your purchases on the tablet or smart phone itself. Once paid, a map may be deleted from your device and downloaded again and again from the PDF Maps server as many times as you may need and to as many smartphones or tablets you own and link to your PDF Maps account.
What are the historical maps you offer to buy here as Prints?
All map images may be purchased as a paper or canvas Print. Prints are done according to available set of sizes (full and reduced for images bigger than 20x30 cm in original dimensions) on high quality photographic paper or classic polycotton canvas, framed or not for your convenience. Smaller images are usually printed centered on 20x30 cm sheets by default, so you may use entire surface to, for example, hang your map on a wall assembled to standard photo framing with no need of more expensive customization. Reduction of big images is mechanical and thus small elements may become unreadable.

Your ready prints will be delivered by air mail to any destination worldwide within 5-15 working days. Please check the delivery terms - sometimes the time needed to produce and deliver a ready map to your preferred destination may be critical if you select a vintage map print as a gift idea for a friend or relative; a local print shop may offer a quicker service!

Select "Buy Print"-option in "image preview, pricing and specifications"- section and set required map size with or without scaling. Your prints will be delivered to you flat and unfolded by post in a safe packaging.
Can I use your map previews for my final artwork?
The low-resolution preview comp images with screen watermarks may be used for preliminary layouts only. You are free to copy them, including assembling with a “Print Screen” tools, to any retrieval system of your own for evaluation purposes. However, they may not be used in any final materials distributed even inside your company or any materials distributed to the public, including (but not limited to): advertising and marketing materials or any online or other electronic distribution system, except that you may transmit images digitally to your clients for their preliminary review, and may not be distributed, sublicensed or made available for use or distribution separately or individually, and no rights may and will be granted to low-resolution image(s).

Will images I download or prints I receive have blurring or watermarks on them?

When you purchase and download an Image, it arrives to you without any watermarks or blurring, in original 300 dpi resolution. The last appears with preview comp images only, as you see and scroll file copies, which are fully-sized but much smaller in pixels (72 dpi) than those intended for sale. Otherwise previews’ download would take much more time than it takes now. Correspondingly, a paper Print will not have any watermarks as well.

Can you search images for me?
Yes, we provide a free search assist facility. Please let us know a few criteria via our online query form on the “Feedback” page, and we will get back to you in the next business day. Overseas customers: please note that we are a Europe-located company, so real difference in time can be slightly bigger.
Do you publish offline catalogues?
No, and most probably will never. Our collection is permanently expanding, so the web pages represent its most comprehensive state. All of our maps can be found online. To keep moderate costs for the customer, we do not publish any printed catalogues.
Do you offer support by phone?

No, we only support users by e-mail in order to keep service costs low for our customers. Please visit our “Feedback” page to fill in an online support request form. As usual, we get back to you matter within a 24-hour period. The link to the Feedback page can be found in the header of any page of the site.

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Images License Terms
Where and how can I use the images purchased here?
A royalty free license will allow you to use a downloaded Image permanently in as many projects as you wish for a flat fee. That fee depends mainly on the size of the Image you wish to purchase. We offer a wide range of personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable granted rights to use and reproduce Images. These may be various types of publications, both online and offline, as well as numerous kinds of derivative artwork. After you download an Image, you will be granted with a license to use it “as is” or modified on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis worldwide. Use the Images:
  • On multiple computer work stations or local area networks at the original location the Image(s) was shipped to (personal or corporation license);
  • On non-profit Internet sites;
  • On multimedia presentations, broadcast film or video;
  • In books (including covers), maps, magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogues, editorials, toolbar skins, posters, mobile phones, greeting cards (paper-based or online); pagers, CD/DVD cover art, advertising and any other printed matter of your own.
  • In connection with your business identity on posters, brochures, business cards, etc.;
  • As decoration in any space, public or private;
  • In creation of any derivative work and use one of that on any matter, including postcards and promotional items.
In relation to e-mail marketing, the Image(s) shall not be used in the body of unsolicited e-mail messages (spam), or shall not be linked to unsolicited e-mail messages.

For the maps being got as Built-in purchases for the PDF Maps app, you should be bound by terms and conditions of the service provider, Avenza Inc.

Do you ask for credits when your Image(s) are published by third parties, changed or unchanged?
Yes we do. In both cases. It is very simple. Please credit us (the site www.discusmedia.com itself with the name of the project, “The 1900 Map Collection”) as the holder of original media in typed written, when reproducing any original or modified Image, or by inserting a text hyperlink to this site when reproducing above said Image(s) in the internet. Make it in a free form, in the language of the publication where our Image(s) are used.

Please notice that purchasing Images does not transfer any copyright or proprietary rights to any item other than to use the imagery in the way specified here.
Is it possible to use Images that I download in an assignment for a customer?

You can use any map Image for a third party project. Please notify your customer that they do not have the right to sell any individual Images and remember to pay the license fee once more if you intend using the same Image without its deep modification for another third party project. Legally this will mean that this third party, not you, gets right to use a file for their own purposes.

Can I claim copyright to an Image I have modified?
Of course, you may modify an Image and use it, but you may not claim copyright to that Image itself. The resulting one is a derivative work in terms of internationally recognized copyright legislation, and we continue possessing rights for any Images that have been further modified by you. The Images can be used and re-sold in printed form, but only as a part of another publication or artwork such as for illustrations in academic publications, book covers etc. and in electronic digital form on academic, personal or non-profit websites. Please credit Discusmedia.com when used in this way.
Is it possible to resell the Images that I download?

No. Sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the Image(s) or the right to use the Image(s) to anyone, including their resell or share by providing access on shared disk drives or network without our expressed written consent is strictly prohibited. They are only intended for your own use, private or corporate, in publication materials and on websites. However, you can purchase an Image on behalf of a third party, but then the corresponding third party, not you, will be granted the available rights. And of course you keep all the rights for any derivative products created by your own with use of our Images.

Is it allowed to create an online gallery of your images or sell templates with your images embedded?

No. We are an online gallery ourselves and users can point directly to our website. Thus display Images in any format (including thumbnails) for downloading from a website, use the Image(s) in a website template that you plan to sell or transfer to others is not allowed. Please note that use or display any Image on such form of online galleries like websites designed to induce sales of “print on demand” products, including postcards, mugs, T-shirts, posters and other similar items is forbidden, too.

Are these above all the restrictions you practice?
Generally, yes. Your rights are much wider than the limitations. Just be aware not to use any Image or parts thereof with other artwork to create a product, which could be regarded as blasphemous, defamatory, libelous, obscene, offensive, pornographic or otherwise unlawful or immoral, as well as in such a manner that it infringes upon any third party's trademark or intellectual property. This may include advertising tobacco/alcoholic beverages depending on the legislation of some countries.
Are there any specific copyright aspects of using old map Images?
Historical maps provided here do not bear themselves any specific copy or other rights, as they are either public domains according to international copyright regulations (mainly due to the age of the originals and their prevalent personal anonymity) or initially belong to sources granting us rights to display them here. We offer these images as being unique and rare specimens of large collections on selected topics. The only copyright we bear in connection with the Images are files themselves, as well as maps’ forms and formats appearing as a result of our graphical reconstructive restoration.

We strongly believe that all maps stored in our system and displayed to you here are not copyright-protected by their origin. This is based on the general Copyright Principles worldwide; in overwhelming majority of lands the copyright age does not last over 70 years after an author's death (post mortem auctoris- rule) or publication date.

However there might be some exceptions to the rule discovered by third parties. For example in such specific cases when a work permanently considered as anonymous may nevertheless occur keeping protection by its authors' heirs. Please let us known upon such cases immediately and we will delete such a map from public display.

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Payment and Security
What are the payment options?
You can pay your Images and Prints with all tools accepted by PayPal, being one of the well-renowned, reliable and secure payment gateways. These are at least the major international credit cards, wire transfer and of course PayPal itself.

Once you have checked and confirmed your order, click “Accept & Pay”. A Receipt Page will appear with the order summary and opening an opportunity to download the images you just purchased. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation of your order with a download link.

Paying your Built-in purchases for the PDF Maps application will be processed by merchant tools of the iTunes or Google Play online stores.
Is your web site secure?
None of our web site modules collect and process any customer data that can be considered violating your security. Our payment gateway that charges you for the self sufficing map Images and map prints is handled by PayPal, one of the most established online merchants in the world with thousands of secure transactions daily. When switching to the payment, you deal not with us, but directly with PayPal, and all transaction data exchange with PayPal is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption methods.

Whether you select an option of purchase an old map for PDF Maps on your mobile device, you deal directly with payment gates of iTunes or Google Play subject to their security policies.
How do you protect my privacy?
The personal data you provide is processed by Discus Media Group - DMG, Ltd, with company number CZ25789244, with registered address 135, Radim u Kolína, 28103, Czech Republic, and our subcontractors, either located within or outside the European Union for the purposes of providing you with our products and services and keeping you informed of our offers and information that may be of interest to you. You may access, update, correct and/or request removal of your personal data. You can also object to the processing of your personal data by Discus Media Group - DMG, Ltd. for marketing purposes. To exercise these rights, or for any other question, please contact us by clicking here or write to the address mentioned above. 

Any data requested from you when filling in the forms is a necessary and sufficient condition to make us able servicing you as our valued customer, we do not and will never ask for even a whit of such information that most of you generally have to provide to social networks, etc.

We ask and keep no personal finance information (accounts, credit card details, etc.): according to our policy, you provide it directly to PayPal, possessing an ultimate personal data protection tools and policies, and communicate with only PayPal when transmitting funds. The only detail on you we receive and keep from PayPal is wherher your order had been paid or not. All finance information is stored on a secure server in a physically secured facility and all database access is done via an encrypted connection by authorized staff only.

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How long does it take to get ordered downloadable maps?

You may download both the self-sufficient map Images and GPS-enabled maps as Built-in purchases for the PDF Maps app immediately after payment has been confirmed by the PayPal or the payment gates of the Google Play or iTunes stores.

The confirmation email containing download link (for map Image purchases) will be sent to you with normally not more than a 10-minute time gap by the sender "The 1900 Map Collection <noreply-at-discusmedia.com>". Please check the email box settings and especially the junk mail folder, if you do not receive it. However if you are a registered user, you can always apply to your personal section and collect all links and documentation from there (see here for further instructions).

What are the delivery terms for Prints?

Our Prints order prices include production, packaging and postage (delivery charge). The actual delivery charge depends on the parcel size, weight and destination. If you purchase different products in a single order to be dispatched to same address, the individual delivery fees will not added together, you will be charged only the posting price of the most expensive one. You can see exactly how your delivery charge is worked out when adding different products to your cart.

Your Prints, including Canvas Prints, will be processed by the Photobox factory located in the UK. Most paper print orders placed by our American customers will be processed by the Adorama Pix factory in the U.S. Our estimated dispatch dates include production times along with next scheduled carrier pick up. Production times are 1-3 working days for 8 x 12 inch (200 x 300 mm) paper Print and 2-5 working days for all larger paper Prints along with Canvas Prints.

Further shipping to you will be done by either Air Mail (by default for all paper Prints) or by courier for all Canvas Prints (all Canvases will be sent from the UK only). Please notice that Photobox or, correspondingly, Adorama Pix, not Discusmedia.com name will be labelled as your Prints order sender, and the return address on the parcel will point to PhotoBox or AdoramaPix, too. But in case of an order return you will have to mail it back not to PhotoBox or Adorama Pix, but directly to us in the Czech Republic. More information on refunds and returns is available below in the Customer Relations' section, please follow this link

Usually deliveries within the mainland UK are done in 2-3 working days, 3-5 working days will be needed for most European and U.S. destinations (please notice that Canvas deliveries to the U.S. take a bit longer), and 3-9 for other destinations Worldwide. You will get an email on the day when your order gets ready for dispatching from the printing factory along with the tracking number if you select international tracked delivery at a little extra charge. Tracked deliveries within the United States are usually processed faster.

However these terms may be affected at peak times or by postage delays, so please make sure you allow at least 5 working days from our estimated dispatch date for UK mainland Royal Mail First Class or USPS (U.S. customers), 7 working days for Airmail Europe and 10 working days for Worldwide. If you are already in a hurry for a specific date and have a possibility to apply to a nearer printing shop with possibility of quicker pick-up, switch to the "Buy Image" - option and control the printing schedule and process yourself. International express door-to-door services are currently not offered.

If you still haven't received your order by the terms above feel free to contact us stating your order reference and we'll find out what's happening for you. If you’ve still not received your order a week after the dispatch date (two weeks for international destinations) we will re-print and resend at no extra cost.

Canvas Prints are always delivered tracked by a courier company to your door to make the postage of these valuables as safe as possible. When ordering paper Prints, you can select either Tracked Delivery instead of the Standard Delivery. The surcharge is €7.99. You will receive your order tracking number along with the other shipping information in an automated email on the dispatching date.

But don't forget, if and whether we will open any express delivery option, any paying for express shipping like Courier would only speed up the delivery service, the order still takes the same amount of time in the factory.

Do you deliver images on any hard media?

Besides the Prints, usually we do not offer delivery of any matter on any hard media like CD-ROM, etc. However you may apply for such option using our “Feedback” page. Delivery will be done via international express mail operators and charged separately EUR 43.00 for any number of disks plus EUR 14.00 for collecting your images to CD-ROM and burning (per 1 CD). This applies to all locations worldwide that international courier companies support; all at the same charge. Please note that this option is available only after you have paid the full sum of remuneration. The necessary payment instructions will be provided in manual mode by email.

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Pricing and Accounting
How much is a single map?

All prices are available on the website. Delivery charges apply additionally when you order printed map images and they will be included to the total price of your purchase. Maps may have different prices. For the exact price, please check out the catalogue. Price of an originally sized map Print along with its basic dimensional parameters may be checked by pointing to the “Euro” (€) symbol to the lower left corner of an image preview box in any catalog section.

All other prices, including the Image price, price of a map as a Built-in purchase for your mobile device (PDF Maps app for iOs and Android phones and tablets) and available hard copy Prints are quoted and displayed next to the images in different resolutions on product specification pages.

Delivery prices for hard copies are calculated based on actual postal costs including a small dispatch fee applicable once to all hard copies in a delivery. Postal charges depend on multiple factors, like image size, delivery address and appear when ordering any hard copies. You will see the final delivery costs listed separately in your cart before confirming an order.

Do your prices contain any taxes?

No, all prices are quoted totally tax free. The 19% Value Added Tax (VAT) may be charged separately to customers in the European Union (European Economic Community) where and when applicable. No other taxes shall be applied for EU customers, and for all orders originating from other countries no tax shall be applied at all.

Please note that paying applicable taxes remains your own responsibility. As usual, we do not track where our images currently go, but some payment software checks IP-addresses and may lock a proclaimed “tax-free” delivery to an address residing in an area where such purchases are subject to tax.

Can I be invoiced in different currencies?

All prices and services at this website are basically nominated in Euro (€), which is our operational currency. Thus, definitely you will get the preliminary invoice and final checkout bill nominated in Euro. You can stay with the basic Euro prices set here as default for shopping, or alternatively you can select a different currency to estimate and compile your order to your domestic or most convenient one. The prices given will be re-calculated according to the actual exchange rate offered by the international markets with the built-in tools, provided by Google. However the final checkout will be done in Euro, so your charge according to the further statement may differ by fractions of a percent from what you will nominally see here. As we accept all major cards and they are all international, there is no difference in which currency is the card that you use, you pay just a little fee for the conversion (or, more frequently, your bank will charge you at its “sell” rate). The only real limitation may occur in case your bank does not allow currency conversion within the operated account.

Can I get an invoice for my accounting purposes?

When you confirm purchase, our system auto-generates a receipt for your order, which contains full costs and may be considered an invoice, valid for your accounting purposes together with bank transaction statement containing PayPal and our references. PayPal adds no extra charges to your purchase total price. Please use either 'print receipt' or 'save receipt as' options at Step 3 of the online checkout before you are transferred to PayPal.com. An online version of this receipt is e-mailed to you together with further downloading instructions.

Furthermore, if you are a registered user, you can always refer to your Personal Page, select there the Orders section (along with your current registration information, in the right upper corner of the panel) and find your order history and all final invoices stored there online.

If you however require a paper invoice, please contact us after your purchase had been completed; a paper invoice will be mailed to you free with all bills over 100 euros and at a service charge of of 5 euros (worldwide) with smaller purchase amounts.

Do you re-invoice me automatically?

We do never. For your purchases confirmed by PayPal gateway no re-invoicing is foreseen. We send invoices only when you claim for these and never subscribe you to any automatic billing situation.

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Customer Relations, Policies and Technical Items
Do you use cookies? What is your privacy policy on cookies usage?
Do we and how we use Cookies

Yes, we do. Discusmedia.com uses cookies to hold your username, password and temporary cart contents. If you would like your password to be saved, just ensure that the ‘save cookies' option is enabled and tick the checkbox at login. The system will then keep both your username and password. We use cookies to help identify your computer so we can tailor your user experience, track shopping basket contents and remember where you are in the order process. No other data and no personal information are stored in any cookies.You can disable any cookies already stored on your computer, but these may stop our website from functioning properly.

The following is strictly necessary in the operation of our website.

Discusmedia.com Definitely Will:

  • Remember what is in your shopping basket
  • Remember where you are in the order process
  • Remember that you are logged in and that your session is secure. You need to be logged in to complete an order.
  • Offer Live Chat Support
  • Track the pages you visits via Google Analytics to improve the data presentation
  • Allow you to share pages via Add This with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • To view the ‘Add This’ Privacy Policy or to opt out of any online behavioural advertising, please visit Add This and click on the ‘Opt Out’ button.

Discusmedia.com Strictly Will Not

Share any of that information with third parties.
What is your warranty and refund policy?
We are committed to quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. All products are subject to manufacturer's warranty. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may receive a free replacement or return it vs. full refund for the price of the Print. We accept returns within 14 days of receipt for any reason. Shipping charges will not be refunded. Please notice that only Prints’ refunds and returns are available; exchange and refund procedure description is below.

All royalty-free Images downloaded from the website are non-returnable. Since we provide all necessary data up-front, all deals made with these items are final. Meanwhile we will replace any data file received from us within a 30-day period of limited warranty in case an Image contains any sort of defects caused by our system malfunctioning. We will provide you a replacement copy of any downloadable file normally within not more than 72 hours from the moment of receiving any motivated claim for technical defects. Our limited warranty covers costs of received Images only.

We make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the legality or validity of any derivative work associated with the Images. You shall ensure yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for public release of an item, containing reproduction of any of our Images, have been secured in a good manner.

If you buy an Image for your tablet or smartphone, please notice, that Avenza Inc., who provides and supports the PDF Maps app for your mobile devices, has own warranty policy. We are only one of their partners and data providers, all incoming imagery is checked by their experts prior to making them available for purchase; further we provide only catalog search option and thus bear no responsibility for their system functionality. Please contact Avenza Inc. directly using the built-in tools in your mobile application.

No other additional warranties are provided. Shall any Image(s) prove defective outside the warranty period, you shall assume total cost of any repair, correction or servicing related to the delivered data or any technological equipment or media in which the Image(s) are stored.

What if my Print arrives damaged?
If your Print arrives damaged or contains apparent physical defects we offer a hassle-free procedure to speed replacement. Make the following easy steps:

  • Take a digital photo of your damaged product and the packaging it arrived in if it is also damaged;
  • Send these photos to us using the Feedback form. Please include your order number, a brief description of the reason for the return, and whether you'd like a replacement or a refund.
  • Additionally to the automated email feedback right after your message had been sent, within the next 48 hours you will receive an email confirming that your claim is being processed. If your Print return is confirmed, you do not need to mail back your product. We will process the refund or replacement based on your photos.

If the damage issue is not apparently indubitable in the photo, you may be required to return the item at your expense before the return can be processed.

All returned matter must be in the original packaging and have a return authorization number. You will receive a return authorization number from us along with the return instructions.
What if I have a different reason to return a Print?
We accept returns within 14 days of receipt for any reason. You may return your Print(s) for a full refund of its cost (excluding shipping charges) by following these simple steps:

  • Let us known on your decision us using the Contacts page;
  • Ship your item back to us in its original packaging and enclose your original invoice issued by the system when you purchase the Print. We strongly encourage you to return the item via a trackable method.

Address for Returns:
Discus Media Group
135, Radim u Kolína,
28103, Czech Republic

All returned matter must be in the original packaging and have a return authorization number. You will receive a return authorization number from us along with the return instructions.

We will typically issue your refund within 48-72 hours of receiving the package.

Is it possible to buy maps without being registered?

Yes, you can collect any Images or Prints to the cart without preliminary registration within one session, your cart contents will be even preserved and retain accessible further if your browser supports cookies, but you must register to be able processing an order containing Prints. Buying Images is possible without creating a profile, but then you will have to collect your Images from the email link only, no order history will be created and no loyalty benefits will be granted to you with such purchase.

Buying maps for PDF Maps is possible without being registered at Discusmedia.com but requires an iTunes or Google account as well as PDF Maps-account.

How do I create and operate an own profile?
Registration procedure is very simple and will not take more than a few minutes. Becoming a registered user prior to start shopping here grants you also a benefit of sharing our customer loyalty program from the very first purchase.

There are 2 options. You can create a profile prior to any actions at the site, following the Registration link at the top right corner of any page. Alternatively, the system will offer you an automatic registration possibility when you complete with cart contents and become ready to checkout. Along with that process you will receive an automatic email containing the profile creation confirmation link. Same email will fall into your mailbox when registering without an immediate purchase. Later on you can log in using these credentials and change password as you wish.

The “My Page” (My Profile) area keeps all your personal information and order history along with links to download your confirmed orders of Images. Use your Username-link at the top right corner of the header to get to the “My Page” area while being logged in. There you can access and change information stored in your user profile and cart by clicking “My Page” on the navigation bar.

If you have not registered yet neither have logged in, “My Page” section will not be accessible. Instead, you will see the “Authorization” panel. If not logged in, you can use all search options and collect selected items to the cart, buy Images or Built-in Purchases for PDF Maps, but cannot order Prints or get bonuses of the loyalty program until becoming registered/authorized. Without having your profile created, you can only view the website contents with comp images in low resolution with watermarks on them. When you leave Discusmedia.com unauthorized, the temporary cart may be emptied, if your browser keeps cookies disabled.

When you continue surfing not logged in but click on the “Cart” button, aiming to proceed further with selected maps as Prints, you will be asked by the system to create an account by filling all the address fields, after which you will receive an email containing the confirmation link. You can change the password or shipping details there at any time you wish.

Being logged in you can update your user information, manage cart contents, complete a “Purchase Order” transaction, and review your orders history. From a completed order, you may download your Images following direct links in the cart even if you had deleted an e-mail with download links sent to you by the system.
Does my registration have any time limits?
No, once registered, you retain your profile and may work with Discusmedia.com as long as you wish. You can also edit your personal data in case they change, with no aftermath to your profile.
What shall I do if I forget my login (username) or password?
Please visit the “Password Recovery” page to have your password sent to your e-mail address. Username (login) cannot be automatically restored. For most safety you can use your email address as the username. If you forget your login, the most convenient way to continue working with Discusmedia.com is creating a new profile, which would not take more than a few minutes. However, if you would wish to recover your full profile data, please contact us using our online query form.
Can I share my login and password with friends or partners?
Yes, you are fully free to do that. This is actually a form of the word of mouth, advertising, which we highly appreciate.

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Downloading Images
Is there any time limit for downloading the Images?
Once you have confirmed purchasing any Image(s) from your cart, there is one month (30 days) time limit set for you for downloading. However, if you fail to download the image(s) within this limit for any reason, please contact us, and we will happily help you restoring your download settings.
How long does it take to download each Image?
The download time depends on the size of the Images and the speed of your internet connection. The higher the resolution, the longer it takes. Some map image files may be very big. Obviously, a fast internet connection would speed up this process. To make it easier for you, we have the exact size of each Image listed in its details.
Can you zip up all the Images I ordered into one file for me to download?
Yes, all your Images, no matter how many do you order, will be delivered as a single ZIP-folder for your convenience. However, please note that we deliver all files in jpeg format which is the most economical graphic format for downloading, and no existing technology gives you a possibility to make the final file size smaller in zip folder than the arithmetic sum of sizes of all zipped images. A download zip folder size will be almost exactly equal to the sizes of separate files contained in this folder.
How should I get the purchased Images?
You can download your self sufficing Image(s) using the links sent to you with your order documentation. Alternatively, you can collect your orders by logging in and following the correspondent links at the “My Page” page after completing your order. Look for the downloadable Image(s) of the “My Order” section of the page. All available items added to your cart earlier will be listed there along with other order details.

You can download your Images immediately after purchase and for 30 days afterwards. They will become available for download immediately after your payment has been confirmed. We will email you once your payment has been accepted and the order has thus been approved.

Any paid items for the PDF Maps application are available through the application itself only, as Discusmedia.com only provides you direct links for their purchase, not maps themselves or tools to operate them.

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Site Tools
What options do you offer in searching through maps of the collection?
We offer numerous comfortable ways of surfing, searching through and finding a perfect image. Depending on what your requirements are, you can go through our main geographical catalogue, various map search entries, cartographers’ lists, etc., or use simple or advanced context-based search.
What is the Geographic Subject Search?

This option is useful when you know the exact geographical location of a map you are looking for, or would wish to explore what maps from this or that location are available in general.

Use either any of the entries in the “Country List (Catalogue)” tool at the website menu or the “Map Search” (“Browse by map”- link). Catalog entries are available in form of the list of modern countries with historical map coverage, list ofempires of the past and list of cartographers. Select the country name or cartographer name in the list, select named country contour on the map and click on it to get a complete list of its towns and areas covered by the actual website contents. Same refers to the World map of nowadays and interactive World maps of the past, where you can witness the geopolitical information of the previous epochs and scroll through lists of countries which existed then. Please note that only those countries that have any contents in our collections are shown on the interactive political map of the World in color, all others remain white, although clickable but with no system response.

Figures in brackets in the catalog lists show the number of maps, which are contained after this or that entry. Many entries may contain more than one subfolder in the parent directory. You will see it after you click on the specified location entry, making you able to refine the query. Your search results will return alphabetically sorted with list of possible entries of the upper levels listed at the top of results page for your convenience.

What is the Context-Based Search?
This option is useful when you look for a specific map or all maps covering a location. Start your search by entering a desired term, or part of this term, into the search box (top right-hand panel of the website screen). Then click “Search”. Your search results will be displayed below. The list will contain clickable preview images and clickable text descriptions of the found items for further surfing and research.
Does the site offer any advanced search options?
Yes, there is the functionality allowing you to apply and refine more search criteria, such as assumed description terms or existing keywords and map publishers or authors.

Select the “Advanced Search”- link at the top right-hand panel of the website screen. The search tool will appear as a separate page. Enter your search criteria and check/uncheck displayed check-boxes to particularize your search. Then click “Search”. Your search results will be displayed below with a pagination tool if applicable. The list will contain clickable preview images and clickable text descriptions of the found items for further surfing and research.

Do you have any specialties when filling the shopping Cart with different formats of maps for purchase (Images, Prints, Mobile Maps)?
The Cart is the site section allowing you to set up, adjust and pay the purchase, with functionality quite same or similar to most of online stores. Your cart is an online storage area allowing you to view information about items (Images and Prints) you have selected for purchase, view maps, compare them, set amount of hard copy Prints of each map, delete any item from your cart by clicking “Delete” next to one you wish to remove, and proceed to checkout when you had refined your order contents and would like to purchase the order. To delete an item from your current selection, click “Delete” next to the item you wish to remove. At this point, the item will disappear from your cart. You may also delete all images from your cart clicking “Clear All”. When you have refined your cart contents, click to “Proceed Cart”.

Any downloadable items for the PDF Maps will not appear in your Cart. After you click to a purchase link adjacent to a map, which will appear different in accordance to your operational system defined by our system, you will be either directed to corresponding page of iTunes or Google Play stores (if using the site from your mobile device), or get a ready email message with download links for both systems, which you should mail to your account, linked to the proper device. You will take care of their payment and download directly in the application that you should install prior to buying them.  

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