Interactive Historical Map Of The World

The panel below displays the modern political map of the World as default when being loaded. The modern map contains all countries currently recognized by the UN, but only those ones, which are represented in this collection with at least one map or plan, are colored and made clickable. To retrieve a political map of a yesteryear and access finding and selecting old maps in accordance within the countries' borders of the past, click to the past year tab that will switch you to the historical political map.

Catalog of Old Maps and Plans By List Of Countries: 1909

Gibraltar (British Empire)Ellis Island (British Empire)Gilbert Islands (British Empire)Marshallese Islands (Germany)Rodriguez (British Empire)GuatemalaCosta RicaHondurasNicaraguaSalvadorLesser Sundas (Netherlands)Maluku Islands (Netherlands)Celebes (Netherlands)New Guinea (Netherlands)Indian Empire (British India)Sumatra (Netherlands)Borneo (Netherlands)Java (Netherlands)Philippine Islands (United States )Timor (Netherlands)Mariana Islands (United States )BhutanSamoa (United States )ChileFrench SudanUnited StatesRussian EmpirePortugalMexicoSpainAustraliaKerguelen Islands (France)Samoa (Germany)Hawaii Islands (United States )EcuadorAzores (Portugal)Canary Islands (Spain)Portuguese GuineaIcelandGreeceJapanNew ZealandNew Guinea (British Empire)Chinese EmpireHaitiWilhelm Archipelago (Germany)CongoCaroline Archipelago (Germany)Solomon Islands (British Empire)The New Hebrides (French)Fiji Islands (British Empire)EritreaOttoman (Turkish) EmpireSiamNorth Borneo (British Empire)Santo DomingoPuerto RicoPortuguese East AfricaPeruPersiaPanamaOmanNigeriaMadagascarComoros (France)ColombiaCameroonItalyEgyptian SudanEgyptGreenlandGerman East AfricaVenezuelaCanada, Dominion of (British North America)Honduras, British Colony ofBritish GuianaBritish East AfricaBrazilAnnamAngola (Portugal)Timor (Portugal)Seychelles Islands (British Empire)Socotra (British Empire)AbissiniyaMauritius Island (British Empire)Reunion Island (France)Falkland Islands (British Empire)JamaicaSierra LeoneGuinea (France)FranceNorwayNetherlandsDenmarkBritish EmpireArgentinaAustria-HungaryNew Caledonia (France)Malta (British Empire)Cyprus (British Empire)ArabiaTripolitanaAfghanistanBoliviaUruguayParaguayDutch GuianaRio MuniCape ColonyRio de OroLiberiaTogoAshantiGerman South-West AfricaBritish SomaliMoroccoLiechtensteinBulgariaRomaniaMontenegroSerbiaBelgiumLuxembourgSwitzerlandAndorraNepalGibraltar (British Empire)SwedenGerman Empire