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Hamburg in Germany: Historical Vintage Map Prints and Pictures

Get here old historical maps and plans of Hamburg and its vicinities (including Altona, Harburg, etc.). The Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg is the second largest metropolis in Germany occupying an area of 755 km2. It is situated on the north of the Germany at the head of Elbe River and at the southern side of the Jutland Peninsula, laying in fact between Scandinavia to the north and Continental Europe to the south with Baltic Sea to its north east side and North Sea to the west. At the precise location on the River Elbe marks a confluence of Alster and Bille. The city proper is around the inner and outer Alster formed by damming the river to create lakes. Small islands that are close by are also a part of the Hamburg urban area. Coastal location of Hamburg dominated over its street pattern over centuries, which can be followed on its vintage maps available in this section. Hasselbrack is Hamburg’s highest point with an elevation of 116.2 meters

Altona (Hamburg) city map, 1887
4.06 x 5.97 inch, 104 x 152 mm
Hamburg and Altona city map, 1905
23.63 x 20.94 inch, 601 x 532 mm
Hamburg and Altona city map, 1906
13.39 x 7.98 inch, 341 x 203 mm
Hamburg and Altona city map, 1911
13.4 x 9.91 inch, 341 x 252 mm
Hamburg and Altona city map, 1912
33.86 x 27.61 inch, 860 x 702 mm
Hamburg and Altona city map, about 1902
16.33 x 22.35 inch, 415 x 568 mm
Hamburg and environs map, 1887
5.88 x 4.09 inch, 150 x 104 mm
Hamburg central part map, 1906
10.88 x 6.17 inch, 277 x 157 mm
Hamburg city map, 1887
11.14 x 9.84 inch, 283 x 250 mm
Hamburg city map, 1905
19.2 x 13.41 inch, 488 x 341 mm
Hamburg, Altona and environs map, 1911
4.34 x 6.41 inch, 111 x 163 mm
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