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Rome (Roma) in Italy: Historical Vintage Map Prints and Pictures

Historical old maps of Rome, the capital of Italy, Province of Rome and the region of Lazio. Get here reproduction poster prints of aged maps, high-resolution Rome map pictures for download and GPS-enabled historical travel items for mobile navigation. The city lies in the central western part of the Italian Peninsula and on the eastern banks of river Tiber as shown in the map and covers an area of 1,285km2. Vatican City is a country within a city and shares its borders with Rome. Therefore Rome is often called to be as the capital of two states. In 1922 Italian Empire was allied with the Nazi Germany but unlike the horrors the European countries faced then, Italy was spared mostly due to the presence of Vatican. The city is popularly known as the ‘‘Queen of seven hills’’ the ‘seven hills’ being; Caelian, Quirinal, Esquiline, Viminal, Palatine, Capitoline and Aventine. The ancient Rome had separate walls built on each of the seven hills. Tiber River flows from the Apennine Mountains that form the backbone of the Italian peninsula, south-west wards to join the Tyrrhenian Sea

Rome, the Roman Forum plan, 1898
3.76 x 5.9 inch, 96 x 150 mm
Tivoli and environs map, 1898
7.32 x 6.18 inch, 186 x 157 mm
Vatican City (Holy See) map, 1898
7.9 x 5.94 inch, 201 x 151 mm
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