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Historical Antique Maps.

Old Cartography for Academics, Family Historians, Publishers, Graphic Designers and Everyone who Loves Maps

Royalty Free Stock Collection of historical antique map images.

More than 2,000 detailed high quality and high resolution images suitable for printing, publishing and graphic design. To explore the collection and find the perfect image use the search box or map catalogue.
France (391)
Germany (387)
Italy (382)
Austria (173)
Spain (138)
Norway (94)
Russia (85)
Sweden (82)
Belgium (58)
Bucharest, central part map, 1911 Bucharest, central part map, 1911
Image #: 0004524
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The largest additions are made to the following countries’ pages: Algiers, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Tunisia

Over seven dozens of "new old" maps featuring mainly the Dominion of Canada, the United States of America with their greatest cities and basic tourist attractions of yesteryear became the recently added part of the collection online.

The online collection features now 53 more "new old" historical images originating from 1905-1910 and 1930(1931): maps of Paris and its suburbs, several north French ciities and towns, Berlin and Hamburg.
After the period of reconstructive works, the site is switched to normal operating mode. Surf easily for your beloved map!
Maps of the Former States: Maps and city plans of the German Empire (1871 - 1918)
Thuringia Forest, Western part map, 1887
Thuringia Forest, Western part map, 1887
Dresden, central part map, 1906
Dresden, central part map, 1906
Hildesheim city map, 1906
Hildesheim city map, 1906
Leipzig, city centre map, 1911
Leipzig, city centre map, 1911
Gdańsk environs map, 1887
Gdańsk environs map, 1887
Wiesbaden, city map, 1905
Wiesbaden, city map, 1905
Pfungstadt to Eberbach map, 1905
Pfungstadt to Eberbach map, 1905
Heidelberg and environs map, 1906
Heidelberg and environs map, 1906
Dortmund, city map, 1887
Dortmund, city map, 1887

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The 1900 Historic Antique Map Collection by Discus Media is a digital library featuring more than 4,000 original cartographic images dating back mainly to the periods of 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s and shortly after the World War I, drawn by different cartographers. You will find here maps of the British Empire, Austro-Hungarian, German, Russian and Ottoman empires. The collection focuses much on cities and towns; one will find here Berlin street plans and maps , Hamburg and Altona maps , Helsinki city maps, Lauzanne street plans, Lisbon city maps, detailed maps of London, plans of Luzern, Lyon, maps, plans and diagrams of Moscow, Munich city maps, Paris street maps, Rome maps and plans, Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) city street maps and many others, offering the best possible contemporary driving instructions of the epoch. This is both a city map site and country map site, recording the evolution of urban and regional infrastructures, political and administrative subdivisions of the countries that exist nowadays with or almost without outer borders changes and of those sanked into oblivion. The site offers high resolution map reproductions for download.

The 1900 Collection. Maps and Plans of YesteryearAll contents copyright © 2005-2010, DiscusMedia