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Portugal: old map prints, fine replica pictures to download or use in the field with GPS

Historical maps of Portugal, the westernmost country of Europe, its regions, cities and towns (with Lisbon as its capital) as they looked like in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Located on the Iberian Peninsula Portugal is bordered by Atlantic Ocean to the south and west and by Spain to the east and north. However, there has been a territorial conflict between Spain and Portugal since 1801, which left a visible trace on the old maps of both. The nation occupies an area of 92,000 square kilometers and includes the territories of the Atlantic archipelagos of Madeira and Azores as autonomous regions of Portugal. Tagus flowing from Spain is the primary river of the country, dividing the mainland into two parts. The topography is divided into three distinct type of landscape- the northern mountains, the central interior plateaus characteristic of river valleys and the southern rolling plains. The scattered islands of Madeira and Azores were formed by Seismic and volcanic activities. Portugal is one of the warmest European countries. The 1900 Collection offers vintage old Portugal maps’ reproduction prints, high resolution map pictures for download and GPS-enabled historical travel items for mobile navigation

Lisbon (Lisboa) and environs map, 1929
8.2 x 5.98 inch, 209 x 152 mm
Lisbon (Lisboa) city map, 1899
15.71 x 7.81 inch, 399 x 199 mm
Lisbon (Lisboa) city map, 1904
9.19 x 6.02 inch, 234 x 153 mm
Lisbon (Lisboa) city map, 1911
16.02 x 7.84 inch, 407 x 200 mm
Lisbon (Lisboa) city map, 1913
16.05 x 7.92 inch, 408 x 202 mm
Lisbon (Lisboa) city map, 1929
15.69 x 7.76 inch, 399 x 198 mm
Madeira island map, 1911
5.99 x 4.1 inch, 153 x 105 mm
Porto and environs map, 1899
5.89 x 3.97 inch, 150 x 101 mm
Porto and environs map, 1929
5.99 x 4.04 inch, 153 x 103 mm
Porto Area Map, 1913
5.98 x 4.06 inch, 152 x 104 mm
Porto city map, 1899
11.82 x 6.93 inch, 301 x 176 mm
Porto city map, 1913
12.09 x 6.87 inch, 308 x 175 mm
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