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Vienna (Wien) in Austria: Historical Vintage Map Prints and Pictures

Historical old maps of Vienna show the late Habsburgs imperial decades (around 1900) of the nowadays capital of Austria. Get here vintage maps of Vienna as fine replica posters, high resolution re-mastered map pictures for download and GPS-enabled historical navigable travel items. The earliest settlements in Vienna took place on the south of the meandering Danube but eventually the city expanded on the both sides of the river. During the Napoleonic wars, Vienna was the capital of Austrian Empire and further also of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After World War I it still became the capital of the Republic of German-Austria and then of the First Republic of Austria. The city remained on high of culture, modernism, music and art. The map of Vienna shows the city as located on the northeastern side of Austria at the eastern extension of the Alps. The northeastern city shares its close borders with Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It is also one of the nine federal states of Austria

Vienna (Wien) city map, 1912
20.3 x 28.5 inch, 516 x 724 mm
Vienna (Wien) city map, about 1910
23.63 x 17.32 inch, 601 x 440 mm
Vienna (Wien) environs map, 1910
6.39 x 10.74 inch, 163 x 273 mm
Vienna (Wien) Tramway Network Map, 1910
15.53 x 12.73 inch, 395 x 324 mm
Vienna (Wien), a bird-eye panoramic view, 1912
11.31 x 7.71 inch, 288 x 196 mm
Vienna (Wien), central part map, 1903
9.14 x 11.36 inch, 233 x 289 mm
Vienna (Wien), central part map, 1910
10.97 x 9.09 inch, 279 x 231 mm
Vienna (Wien), central part map, 1911
10.93 x 9.05 inch, 278 x 230 mm
Vienna (Wien), central part map, 1913
10.93 x 9.05 inch, 278 x 230 mm
Vienna (Wien), central part map, 1929
10.38 x 12.82 inch, 264 x 326 mm
Wiener Neustadt city map, 1910
6.08 x 4.14 inch, 155 x 106 mm
Wiener-Neustadt town plan, 1911
6.04 x 4.19 inch, 154 x 107 mm
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