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Stockholm in Sweden: Historical Vintage Map Prints and Pictures

Historical vintage maps and plans of Stockholm, the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden, and maps of suburbs of Stockholm are offered as fine replica posters, high resolution re-mastered map pictures for download and GPS-enabled historical navigable travel items. The city of Stockholm is situated on the 14 islands on the country’s south- central east coast on the banks to archipelago where the freshwater Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea, covering an area of 6,519 km2. The city is divided by water into three parts as shown in the map - the first is the city center (Norrmalm, Östermalm etc.), second the southern Stockholm (Södermalm) and thirdly the western Stockholm districts. This most populous city of Scandinavia is the economic, cultural, political center of Sweden and so has been titled the ‘global city’. Stockholm is also called ‘’Venice of the North’’ for its intricate waterways, parks and architecture

Stockholm city and environs map, 1913
31.07 x 24.66 inch, 790 x 627 mm
Stockholm city map, 1893
23.09 x 21.15 inch, 587 x 538 mm
Stockholm city map, 1899
18 x 16.48 inch, 458 x 419 mm
Stockholm city map, 1910
12.64 x 10.8 inch, 322 x 275 mm
Stockholm city map, 1922
28.2 x 21.88 inch, 717 x 556 mm
Stockholm city map, 1929
12.76 x 10.77 inch, 325 x 274 mm
Stockholm environs map, 1922
14.43 x 7.24 inch, 367 x 184 mm
Stockholm nearer environs map, 1899
12.3 x 6.56 inch, 313 x 167 mm
Stockholm nearer environs map, 1929
8.23 x 6.11 inch, 209 x 156 mm
Vaxholm, Saltsjöbaden and environs map, 1910
4.87 x 6.21 inch, 124 x 158 mm
Vetenskapsstaden district (Stockholm) map, 1929
4.09 x 6.11 inch, 104 x 156 mm
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