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Switzerland: old map prints, fine replica pictures to download or use in the field with GPS

Old historical maps of Switzerland, mountainous and landlocked country in Central and Western Europe, its regions and towns, are all professionally restored with deleting of most tears, scratches, stains etc. and made available here as fine poster prints of various sizes, high resolution map pictures for download and GPS-enabled historical navigable travel items. Switzerland is bordered by five countries: Germany, Italy, France and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east. Its border with Germany is marked by the river Rhine. It has a total area of approximately 41,280 square kilometers. Switzerland is well known for its magnificent Alps in the south. Towards the north of the Alps lie the Swiss Plateau and small mountains called the Jura lies on the north west of the plateau. The small country comprising of 26 cantons is characteristic of many physical features like the lakes, mountains, glaciers plateaus etc. Among all the high peaks Monte Rosa stands distinguished as the highest peak. Its country capital is Bern which is also the capital of the Canton of Bern

Aletsch Glacier and environs map, 1897
7.97 x 6.07 inch, 203 x 155 mm
Aletsch Glacier and environs map, 1909
8.1 x 6.06 inch, 206 x 154 mm
Arolla River Valley map, 1909
4.04 x 5.85 inch, 103 x 149 mm
Bad Ragaz (Ragatz) map, 1897
3.57 x 3.23 inch, 91 x 82 mm
Bad Ragaz (Ragatz) town plan, 1909
3.66 x 3.03 inch, 93 x 77 mm
Basel (Bâle, Basle) city map, 1897
8.31 x 6.29 inch, 212 x 160 mm
Basel (Bâle, Basle) city map, 1909
8.1 x 6.02 inch, 206 x 153 mm
Basse-Engadine map, 1897
6.01 x 8.33 inch, 153 x 212 mm
Bern (Berne) and environs map, 1909
4.02 x 6.13 inch, 103 x 156 mm
Bern (Berne) city map, 1897
8.01 x 6.03 inch, 204 x 154 mm
Bern (Berne) city map, 1909
8.25 x 6.07 inch, 210 x 155 mm
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