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France: old map prints, fine replica pictures to download or use in the field with GPS

The unitary sovereign state of France is a country in Western Europe. For many centuries historical maps of France display it, like Morocco and Spain, bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. To the west lies the Bay of Biscay and extends from the Rhine to Atlantic Ocean and from Mediterranean to the English Channel and the North Sea. The structure is that of a Hexagon. Rhine can be referred to as the country’s eastern border. The third largest country in Europe has been a dominant super power since the middle ages acquiring innumerable colonies in different parts of the world. After the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, France got back its provinces of Alsace (Elsass) and northeast Lorraine (Lothringen), lost to Germany in 1871 after the Treaty of Frankfurt. Many historical maps in this section cover the German period of Alsacian- Lorrainian story. Modern mainland France covers an approximate area of 547,000 square kilometers. It shares its borders with Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Monaco and Andorra. The overseas extension of France mainly the French Guiana borders Brazil to the south east and Suriname to its west. The landscape of the country is varied with coastal plains in the west and the north and the Alps in the south east. The highest point of the Western Europe is Mont Blanc situated in the bordering Alps between France and Italy

Arles city map, 1900
5.9 x 4.03 inch, 150 x 103 mm
Arles city map, 1902
5.97 x 4.07 inch, 152 x 104 mm
Arles city map, 1913
5.98 x 4.06 inch, 152 x 104 mm
Arles city map, 1913
5.89 x 3.72 inch, 150 x 95 mm
Arras city map, 1909
5.95 x 4.01 inch, 152 x 102 mm
Arras city map, 1913
5.96 x 4.05 inch, 152 x 103 mm
Asniéres, Eueil-Bougival map, 1903
6.23 x 4 inch, 159 x 102 mm
Aure and Luchon River valleys´ map, 1885
6.03 x 8.23 inch, 154 x 209 mm
Aure and Luchon River valleys´ map, 1902
6.07 x 8.2 inch, 155 x 209 mm
Autun city map, 1909
6.11 x 4.03 inch, 156 x 103 mm
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