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Canada: old map prints, fine replica pictures to download or use in the field with GPS

Historical maps of Canada and old plans of Canadian towns depict the period of the history of its being the British North America, a dominion of the UK. No big changes in the country’s possession since that; both modern and vintage maps of Canada show it occupying a major portion of North America from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and stretches north to the Arctic Ocean. It is undoubtedly the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canada shares the world’s longest border with United States to the south. It also shares its borders with the other countries like Greenland to the northeast and Alaska to the northwest. It was in the year 1949 that Newfoundland became the tenth province of Canada following a plebiscite. The topography of the country is varied. There are primarily 8 distinct forest regions and the presence of the longest coastline in the world. The country is also a storehouse of the world’s largest number of lakes around 31,700 and is also attributed with the presence of freshwater glaciers in the Coast Mountains and Canadian Rockies. The country is prone to earthquakes and active volcanoes. It experiences a diverse climate, from subarctic climate in the north to a temperate one in the west coast. Northern part of Canada experiences snow almost all year round. Western part of Canada has a semi arid climate and Vancouver islands enjoys Mediterranean climate

Niagara Falls city map, 1907
4.09 x 6.19 inch, 104 x 158 mm
Ottawa city map, 1907
8.3 x 6.12 inch, 211 x 156 mm
Quebec city map, 1907
8.17 x 6.15 inch, 208 x 157 mm
Railway map of Southern Canada, 1907
19.75 x 6.23 inch, 502 x 159 mm
St. John city map, 1907
6.12 x 4.18 inch, 156 x 107 mm
The Saguenay River and Lake St. John, 1907
13.78 x 9.25 inch, 350 x 235 mm
Toronto city map, 1907
8.57 x 7.87 inch, 218 x 200 mm
Vancouver city map, 1907
6.15 x 4.11 inch, 157 x 105 mm
Winnipeg city map, 1907
6.15 x 8.22 inch, 157 x 209 mm
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